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Phase One Capture One Pro 5.0.2 Build 34838

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Phase One Capture One Pro 5.0.2 Build 34838
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Phase One Capture One Pro 5.0.2 Build 34838. Скриншот №1

Capture One PRO продукт датской компании Phase One — один из самых мощных профессиональных конвертеров цифровых фотографий в формате RAW с поддержкой широкого модельного ряда современных фотокамер. Программа позволяет в одиночном и пакетном режимах конвертировать "на лету" файлы RAW в полноразмерный TIFF (RGB / CMYK) и JPG форматы, корректировать баланс белого, эффективно обрабатывать "пересвеченные" и "недосвеченные" снимки, тонко настраивать резкость снимка и устранять цветовые шумы.
Список изменений и нововведений в Capture One 5:
• Live Preview*
Speed up image composition, lighting, and focusing with Live Preview. Makes it possible for the photographer, art director, client, and others to easily view an image on a computer screen at the same time, in real-time. Especially useful with technical cameras. Live Preview is now available for both Mac and Windows and comes with improved performance.
• Focus Mask**
Get an instant, true view of image sharpness with the Focus tool. Use it as part of your fixed tool tab or drag it out as a floating tool.
• Focus Tool**
Get an instant, true view of image sharpness with the Focus tool. Use it as part of your fixed tool tab or drag it out as a floating tool.
• Workflow Accelerators*
Handle large volume shoots even faster with new and enhanced workflow accelerators. New functionality includes improved session handling and an improved importer, which makes import more simple and intuitive as well as an improved progress indication, which provides a quick visual overview of application tasks.
• Camera Support*
Capture One supports image files from the most popular DSLRs from Canon, Epson, Fuji,Konica Minolta, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Sony, as well as Phase One digital backs and selected Leaf and Mamiya digital backs.
• Workspaces, Tools and Tool Tabs*
Customize your Workspace, Tools and Tool Tabs to make your personal workflow more efficient. Included in Capture One is a selection of best practice default workspaces.
• Viewer Margin and Proof Margin**
Improve evaluation of image composition and colors by setting a viewer margin (and proof margin).
• Local Copy & Apply**
Easily copy and apply individual image tool adjustments to other images and save time. Completely integrated with the Adjustments Clipboard for a seamless experience and improved efficiency.
• Multi-monitor**
Support for multiple monitors enables you to configure your workspace to manage image workflow and presentation more efficiently. The new Preview Image Size Preference allows a better and faster workflow when using large screens.
• Skin Tone Enhancer**
Achieve perfect, smooth and soft appearing skin tones with the Skin Tone Enhancer.
• Remove dust spots**
Easily remove dust spots with a single click.
• RGB Levels and Curves**
RGB Levels and Curves provide a tool, which enables you to adjust individual color channels easily and to be creative with colors.
• LCC based Light Falloff**
With LCC based Light Falloff you are able to even out differences in the light and compensate for lens fall off.
• Creative Vignetting tool**
Add vignettes to the edges of your images for artistic effect (follows crop).
• Advanced Color Editor*
Adjust colors in a smooth way with the Color Editor – and keep changes all natural with Smart Saturation. You have the opportunity to adjust colors either in larger areas using the basic tool, or select a narrow color space in the advanced color editor tool. The Color Editor can also be used to tweak ICC color profiles.
• Metadata Editing*
In Capture One, metadata refers to data that describes your image and how it was taken. You are now able to access and edit an expanded set of metadata fields.
• Watermark**
Enhance image rights protection and watermark your images. You are able to add a watermark with your logo or other information to every photo you output.
• .EIP Enhanced Image Package*
Enhanced Image Package is a convenient way of packing your master file for smooth cooperation with your customers. When the .EIP file is opened by Capture One on your client’s computer, the image file will be seen exactly as you created it. The original untouched RAW file will be packed with your setting file and LCC profile. You now also have the opportunity to include ICC camera profiles in the .EIP package.
• Web Contact Sheet*
Share your images easily. With the Web Contact Sheet you are able to generate all the thumbnails, full sized previews and HTML code required for the finished contact sheet. All the elements are stored on the desktop in a single folder for uploading to a website or sending to clients. The Web Contact Sheet now supports larger image sizes.
* Enhanced
** New
ОС: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Язык интерфейса: английский
Активация: есть
Размер: 90,9 МБ

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